Thursday, July 31, 2008
I want captaincy, not rift with Dhoni: Yuvraj
"I think things like rivalry and confrontations are talks stirred up by the media. Me and Dhoni are very good friends and help each other at any time because we understand how the game has to be played," Yuvraj said in a TV interview.

Yuvraj, however, admitted that he still desires to lead the team but would never let his personal ambitions come in the way of team's good. "It is an honour to captain the Indian cricket team, I also wish to be the captain but the most important thing is to do what is good for the team and what are your goals as a team. I think, what the team wants is more important than personal desires," he explained.

Yuvraj, who led the race for captaincy before Dhoni was surprisingly handed the reins, said Dhoni has the backing of the team and rubbished talks of a rift in the team.

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  • At August 5, 2008 at 2:06 PM, Anonymous thakur pramod rajput said?

    i think these dat every young player want to b the captain of indian team
    .but i think before giving any comment in front of media atleast he shud check calliber wether he is able to bear the pressure
    "saying is different from doing"
    controlling a team is truly different from giving a shot and do modelling for any company.

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